Elevator Maintenance Tips

Your elevator is an important part of your business. It is essential that you keep the elevator in good condition to ensure that customers get in and out of your building safely and in a timely manner. With a bit of maintenance, keeping the elevator working its best is fairly simple. How can you keep your elevator in good condition? Keep these tips in mind to maintain your elevator.

1- Log All Operations

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Keep a log of the elevator’s operation. This is helpful in the event you need elevator repair washington dc, since it can help you learn how often it is used, when calls come in, problems the elevator’s endured, and other important information.

2- Inspect the Elevator Daily

Daily elevator inspections keep the elevator in good condition and may prevent accidents and injuries. Inspect the elevator to look for signs of damage or vandalism and to ensure that nothing is broken or missing.

3- Call a Professional

Elevator mishaps can and will happen no matter how well you care for the unit. The key to overcome these issues is to call a professional to schedule repair as quickly as possible. If you delay repairs, problems get worse and that’s the last experience you want.

4- Replace Faulty Equipment

Just as it’s important to get on the phone with pros when there is damage to the elevator, it’s also important to replace faulty equipment as soon as you notice damage or trouble. Faulty equipment may lead to injuries and accidents that could’ve been prevented.

5- Don’t Overload the Elevator

Do not overload the elevator. There are weight limits in place for a reason. If it takes a couple extra minutes to wait for the elevator, that is the best option because the added weight really cases wear and tear on the mechanisms inside the elevator that deplete its efficiency and lifetime.