Maintenance Tips for Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Owning a restaurant or food facility means that you are familiar with how important having a functioning walk-in cooler or freezer is. When walk-in cooler repair is needed, it can be expensive and lead to the loss of numerous perishable items. Maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to keep your freezer functioning, so let’s get into 3 tips to keep your freezer performing at its best.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your freezer regularly can greatly reduce problems in the future. Simply using soap and water is good enough to get these areas clean, as harsh chemicals can harm the metal inside of them and remove essential oils from the walls. Sweeping and mopping is also key to cleaning the freezer or cooler, as it prevents the accumulation of debris over time. Any spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid injuries and accidents.

walk-in cooler repair

Inspect Seals & Hinges

The hinges on the doors of your cooler or freezer should be inspected often and lubricated at least quarterly to avoid sticking or leaks. The seal should also be checked to make sure that the door is able to close properly – to test it, open and close the door while noting its resistance. The doors should be closed when employees are not entering or exiting the freezer, keeping the temperature inside steady.

By keeping up with regular maintenance on your walk-in freezer or cooler, you can make sure that it is functioning properly for years to come. Keep it clean by mopping up spills, sweeping, and wiping down the walls often. Seals should be inspected as well to make sure all items are kept at a steady temperature. If any unexpected problems occur, contact a technician in order to get an assessment and make sure all repairs are handled properly.