Maintenance Tips for Commercial Washers

Having a commercial business requires you to be much more aware of your equipment and its maintenance. Breakdowns can mean downtime that ends up being costly, especially if they happen often. Commercial laundry parts may need to be installed in order to repair your machine, and service calls can get expensive if you constantly need technicians at your machinery. To keep equipment functioning as it should, let’s look at some tips for maintaining them.

Commercial laundry parts

Read the Owner’s Manual

Many times, reading the owner’s manual can help explain a lot of things that are going on with your machinery. Often, owners of businesses skip reading the manual and assume that they can simply learn the machine by playing with the various buttons on it. However, when something goes wrong the manual is where you want to turn, as it has all the information needed to understand your machine and troubleshoot issues.

Keep Things Clean

Cleaning machinery is one of the most important things you can do to keep them working properly. Clean the exterior of the washing machine, wiping away debris that could potentially cause problems or clog the machine. You should also make sure soap dispensers are clean as well as water filters and the inlet and outlet hoses.

Check Seals

The seals around the door of your washing machines should be checked regularly to make sure that they are tight, preventing leaks from occurring. You should also remove any build up that accumulates around the door and the seal, ensuring that the area is free from interference and can open and close properly.

If you want to avoid breakdowns and issues, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance on your machinery. Keep it clean, read the manual, and check the seals on your machines regularly to avoid repeated calls to a technician.